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Where are tests 39-59?

I haven’t written them yet. 39-61 is 23 sets of explanations. Each set is about 30,000 words, so the gap is 700,000 words.

In 2011, I wrote explanations for preptests 19-38. Then in 2012, I wrote explanations for preptest 68 onwards. In 2013 I extended this backwards to LSAT preptest 62.

So there’s currently a gap in explanations. I haven’t written anything for 39-61. I hope to do this eventually, starting with 52-61. But I have no timeline for this, as LSAT explanations take quite a while to write.

How often do you release new tests?

I usually release the new LSAT explanations about 1-2 weeks after the testcomes out. Older tests don’t follow a set pattern – explanations take a while to write.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve been working on the LSAT mastery seminars.

Next, I’m going to go through tests 79 and 80 and record myself doing them timed without having seen them before . That’s why new explanations are on hold – I need to preserve the fresh material.

Once those videos are done, I’ll be making explantions for 78-80, and returning to a regular posting schedule.

After that, I should have time to proofread my past explanations for 19-28. It’s possible those will be up in 2017. However, I wouldn’t expect them anytime soon. If you really want a copy now, LSAT Blog or Cambridge LSAT has them on sale.I haven’t sold them on my site because I haven’t updated them to my current format and would rather do that first.

52-61 are next on the list after 19-28, but I wouldn’t expect those in 2017 – explanations take a while!

mvonh001 says

Great Job Buddy… TLS Represent!


Frazer Sloan says


Just out of curiousity, how ofter do you add a new prep test explanation to this page? Im sure its quite an undertaking, but are you going to continue to move backwards?


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Founder Graeme Blake says

It varies. I’ve written 19-38. But I’m proofreading 19-28 right now, and am in the process of posting 29-38. Those should all hopefully be up before December.

After that I’ll write new ones, which takes a while.



You are the best.


Olena Vus says

By phil chappell [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Typical Joke: ‘ Gamblers Anonymous: how do they know where to send your winnings?’

Typical Joke: ‘

Famed for his work ethic (this may have something to do with his former life as a doctor), Harry Hill is a prolific comedy writer and a ‘national treasure’.

In an interview with Boohoo Knot Front Anglaise Skater Dress Free Shipping Websites Affordable Cheap Price Outlet Many Kinds Of mqnwFBT6
, he explained his approach to comedy writing: “A lot of the time it’s just sitting down and thinking of ideas. That’s the boring answer. Very rarely do you walk past something in the street and something pops into your head. It’s just an imagination. It’s just the way you’re wired really. The more you do it the more weird you become in that sense.”

On the other hand, he continues: “Stand-up is so immediate. You can have an idea in the morning and get a laugh for it in the evening. No one else can tell you what to do, apart from the audience. The audience is the ultimate arbiter.”

Typical Joke: “ If you’re being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They’re trained for that!”

Typical Joke: “

Jones deals in one-liners – sharp, surreal, and often silly. Since winning the Perrier Best Newcomer in 1996, he has appeared regularly on radio and TV panel shows as well as touring.

In an interview with Brian Logan for Boohoo Plus Stripe Flute Hem Midi Dress Best Wholesale Discount Best Store To Get Cheap Sale Original Eastbay Cheap Online Free Shipping PsZ4jvP
, he explained his joke-writing method:

“It’s about turning things upside down. Looking at the things people say and thinking: what’s the opposite of that?”

Jones has a strong visual aspect to his comedy: “If there’s a mindset in my case, it’s that Ithink in pictures. What I do is put funny cartoons in people’s heads.”

Like many comedians, Jones also exhibits an attention to detail where every word has its role to play: “One word can make all the difference,” explains Jones. “When you eventually get it right, you think: this must exist, surely? There can be a purity about perfect one-liners. It’s as if it’s not from you.”

Typical Joke (Poem):

Having starred in Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters and Alpha Papa as Sidekick Simon, and enjoyed a stint as resident poet on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, Tim Key is a prolific comic talent whether as performance poet, actor, or writer.

In an interview with Best Sale Cheap Online Buy Cheap Official Ulla Popken Womens Shirt Oil Dyed Und Spitzenbesatz Blouse Outlet Newest 2aanQamv
, Key explained how he creates his poems: “I have quite a disposable writing process. I write poems all the time and then try most of them on stage or on Instagram or somewhere. I have a remarkable tolerance for them, but I know some are better than others.”

Like Demitri Martin, Key also has a system for sorting his stand-up material, having his poems written on cards, laminated pornographic playing cards to be precise. ‘It was a way of easily separating them when trying out material: the poems that were definitely going well I would continue to use, the poems that weren’t I’d put to one side.’ The cards are laminated, to stop them being damaged,” Key told Time Out .

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Creating Engagement

New ways to market and monetize your content!

Exponential Entertainment

Taking Entertainment to the next level!

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Playable on iOS, Android and Kindle

Game Arcades

Customized Arcades with Hollywood Content

Cable Box Game Arcades

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Exponential Entertainment creates compelling consumer engagements that help media companies monetize and promote their existing content in new and unique ways.EE has been working with Comcast to promote the live airing of awards shows such as TheOscars and the Billboard Music Awards. Additionally, EE created games to promote blockbuster films such as Pitch Perfect 3, The Mummy and Despicable Me 3 through Comcast and Cox Communications.

The Best of 2017 Arcade – To cap of 2017 Exponential Entertainment teamed up with Cox Communications to deliver an arcade of games featuring the top films of 2017 for their millions of cable television subscribers. The arcade featured trivia, as well as a bracket-style game placing top films head to head letting players cast their vote for the best film of 2017.

Pitch Perfect 3 Game Arcade – EE created a “Bella Boot Camp Challenge” for Universal’s final installment in the successful Pitch Perfect franchise. Users raced tocomplete the music notes and join the Bellas! In addition to being promoted by Comcast and Cox prior to theatrical release, the games will live on as bonus content to be enjoyed when viewersbuy digital versions of the films.

Oscars 2017 Game Arcade – EE teamed up with Comcast to develop HollywoodPlayer game suites to reach millions of Comcast subscribers directly on their set-top boxes.

The Mummy 2017 – EE created an immersive “Escape The Mummy” path style game for Universal’s 2017 reboot of the Mummy. Games were promoted by Comcast and Cox in their On-Demand sections and Channel Guides. The program drove hundreds of millions of impressions and significant engagement with the film property resulting in incredible value for the film studio.

Despicable Me 3 – EE worked with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios to create games for animated summer hit Despicable Me 3. This arcade was developed for the web as well as Comcast and Cox set-top-boxes. The unique game design allowed the studios a way to introduce Mel the newest character to the franchise and let the audience interact to earn exclusive clips and trailers from the film.

Now Futurama fans can read digital versions of the comics they love! Download Futuramaland

is a fast- paced mobile game that challenges friends to see who can identify iconic scenes and popular movie lines the fastest. is available for iOS, Android, Kindle and Facebook and has achieved Top 10 trivia game status in the App Store.

app. Now Simpsons fans can read digital versions of the comics they love! Download the new Simpsons Store Here!


In addition to and, we currently offera variety of customized game arcades and services toentertainment studios, consumer product and services companies, and content providers. Contact us for detailed demos.

Exponential Entertainment is based in the emerald city of Seattle Washington, home to the pioneers and titans of casual and console games, online media, and web services.

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